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Cyber Security Solutions
Cyber security
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Cyber Guardian
Cyber Guardian

We can help you protect your business online

Cyber Security Solutions

Manage Your Security Risk

Outsource management of your security risk to a qualified professional.

As your Information Security Officer (ISO) a Whitgift Security consultant can:

  1. advise on best practise,
  2. create policies,
  3. organise accreditations,
  4. plan for attack,
  5. update devices etc.

An affordable service tailored to your company, fulfilling your security needs.

Cyber Security Solutions

Show Certifications

Demonstrate you care about protecting your customers’ data through certification.
Whitgift Security is a certifying body providing independent assessment and certification for the UK Government Cyber Essentials scheme and IASME certifications. These standards, allow SMEs to demonstrate their level of cyber security. Whitgift Security can help you reach the required standards, apply and get these certifications in the most cost-effective way possible.

Cyber Security Solutions

Customise Your Digital Shield

Work with Whitgift Security to create a digital security shield to protect your business online, or review your current set up and resolve any security weaknesses.
Services are customised to individual requirements ensuring its size and placement fit your requirements and your budget.


Online Security

Your Success is Supported

Small businesses have the same IT security needs, if not greater, than larger ones, they just don’t have the same budget. It is true that being cyber secure costs money, but effective cyber security is a lot more affordable than you might think. While Whitgift Security also works with, and will continue to work with FTSE 100 businesses, we have products and services especially designed for SMEs.

Here at Whitgift Security we are passionate about providing practical security advice for small companies that is both effective and cost efficient.

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