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Whitgift Security Ltd was established in 2014 and is operated by Jane Whitgift, a recognized authority within the information security profession. Jane has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry with nearly 20 years focusing on Business Information Security and Risk Management. She spent most of her corporate career as an employee of FTSE 100 companies. She has served as a Chief Information Security Officer, creating information security programs, directing comprehensive risk assessments, managing multi-faceted compliance initiatives and coordinating several data breach investigations.

Whitgift Security is dedicated exclusively to cyber security and the practical management of cyber security risks. Having established Whitgift Security, she now works with companies of all sizes, from SME to FTSE100, providing practical, affordable IT security solutions to protect their businesses online. We believe

  1. Your defences need to evolve to match your evolving business needs, new and up-coming IT security regulations and the everchanging threats and vulnerabilities.
  2. Cyber security is not only an IT systems issue. In fact, 75% of your cyber security risks have little to do with IT. Businesses needs to look at people’s behaviours and expectations as well as technology.
  3. The only way to build a foundation for cyber security is through an effective IT Security management program. Guessing is no longer an option.
  4. You will be compromised, if you are not currently. You must assume this if you have any chance of defeating your adversaries.

Whitgift Security is an IASME Certification body and holds Cyber Essentials and IASME audited certificates.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect your data and business from cyber threats using the best security available to meet your budget.

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Our Vision

Working in a cyber-safe way should be ingrained in everyone’s behaviours, so operations and data are safe and secure, leaving leaders free to focus on business growth.


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