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Whitgift Security has a range of products to help you improve your level of cyber security. Whether you need workshops to inform your staff, or certification to reassure your clients, or just some help in getting compliant with new legislation.

The Products include


Demonstrate to your customers you care about protecting their data through certification, and get free cyber insurance.

Whitgift Security can help you reach the required standards, apply and get these certifications in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Data Privacy ToolBox

A Tool Box to make reaching GDPR standards as simple as possible.

  1. Video tutorials and step by step guides
  2. Customised action plan for GDPR Compliance
  3. A complete set of required documentation, customised for your organisation
  4. Customised training material for your employees

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Education and Workshops

Workshops designed to provide advice and solutions tailored for either staff or management looking at different aspect of data protection and cyber security from governance to protecting devices, accounts to tactical planning for an attack.

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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is about changing people’s behaviours. With the right trainers, content, tools and attitudes, you can be compliant with regulations and make your people secure.

The workshops could be included in Awareness Training.

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