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GDPR ToolBox and Documentation Packs

Recent changes in data protection in many countries world-wide have strengthened controls about how personal data is used by organisations.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK’s The Data Protection Act 2018 – the UK’s implementation of GDPR – have tightened IT data security legal requirements and increased the potential for high fines. Across the world many other countries have strengthened their regulations in line with GDPR.

Fast track your data protection compliance by using our GDPR Conformity Toolbox, used by many organisations worldwide. Our GDPR Conformity Toolbox comes with a step-by-step Implementation Project plan along with templates for the data protection policies and processes you will need, including the mandatory data protection policy documentation, policies and procedures for data retention, breaches, subject access requests and more.

For organisations who have an implementation plan but are looking for some customisable policies and processes, our Documentation Packs are available.

While written with GDPR in mind, our Toolbox and Packs could be used with other similar legislation worldwide. Contact us for advice.

The ToolBox and Documentation Pack options:

Data Protection Policy Pack

These packs include the policies and processes to support data protection within your organisation.

BASIC Data Protection Policy Pack
This pack would help a very small company approach GDPR compliance. Cost of Basic Pack £59 + VAT

FULL Data Protection Policy Pack
This pack provides templates which will bring any SME up to GDPR full compliance. It gives more details and goes into more areas of a company’s procedures.
Cost of Full Pack £199 + VAT

IT Security Pack

These packs include a comprehensive set of IT security policies and plans that underpin a robust data protection program.

BASIC IT Security Pack

This pack provides a broad-brush security framework for small companies supporting GDPR article 32.
Cost of Basic Pack £59 + VAT

FULL IT Security Pack
This pack can be used to bring an organization up to industry-best-practice, giving detail and information around requirements and how to implement them.
Cost of Full Pack £199 + VAT

GDPR Conformity Toolbox

Toolboxes provide a Protection Policy and an IT Security Pack
A 5-step Implementation Project to reach GDPR compliance, including assessing organisational impact, data mapping, guidelines and supporting workbooks and templates.

BASIC Toolkit

  1. Implementation Project guidance
  2. Basic Data Protection Policy Pack
  3. Basic IT Security pack

Cost of Basic Pack £99 + VAT

FULL Toolkit

  1. Implementation Project guidance
  2. Full Data Protection Policy Pack
  3. Full IT Security pack

Cost of Full Pack £379 + VAT



Documents come in a Microsoft Office format and are fully customisable. Create basic customisation using the master excel spreadsheet ensuring consistency of measures across all documents. You can fine tune by editing text, add content, and removing sections to suit your needs.


Our Packs come with detailed guidance, free resources and email support, giving you the confidence to create your own data protection policies and make your organisation compliant with data protection legislation.

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What’s in the packs?

Further detail of the documents contained in each of the packs (PDF templates)

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