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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is about changing people’s behaviours. With the right trainers, content, tools and attitudes, you can be compliant with regulations and make your people secure.

Security Awareness Training is aimed at staff, to explain and encourage best-practice security.

Do you need practical advice for your staff to:-

  1. understand what needs protecting and why?
  2. understand what they should be doing to protect the organisation online
  3. understand Acceptable Use Guidelines

Our Security Awareness Training can explain to your staff what to do and what not to do – tailored for your policies.

Training topics could include

Recognising and reporting a security breach/incident

Don’t become a victim of phishing

Digital footprints

Understand the data protection regime

Backing up and updating

Password policies

Using technology safely

Devices you can and cannot use

Training could be presentations and workshops, computer-based training, posters, or live simulations of events (eg phishing). Live simulations help manager understand the effectiveness of the training, and points out who might need special attention or additional training.

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