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Many business owners are worried about the impact of cyber crime on their businesses, but don’t understand what the issues are or how to start protecting themselves.

Whitgift Security has devised a series of practical workshops providing insights into cyber crime, how you can be targeted, and advice on how to protect your business online.

During the workshop we will explore the trade-offs between usability and security. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss these trade-offs as we consider the different security measures your organisation could implement. We will highlight how the requirements of Cyber Essentials and the IASME standard will impact implementation decisions on security measures.

During the workshop we will work through examples. We will review templates and identify resources that could be used as a starting point for implementation in your organisation.

Standard Workshops include

Protect Your Accounts

How Cyber Guardian protects your websites and customers

Most of us want to “be connected” all of the time, be it for work or fun.

This workshop explores how the cyber criminal uses our online presence to trick us and exploit our assets to make them money. We all need to “think before we click” on a link, or to connect to a network, or give or publish information with practical advice on protecting accounts for online services.

Topics include

Are you ready to respond?

58% of small organisations reported a security breach in 2018.
With the new GDPR legislation, organisations will need to be ready to able to report breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours.

This workshop explores how to prepare for an incident to enable your organisation to respond quickly and efficiently in case of attack, or if something goes wrong.

Topics include

Protect Your Network

You depend on your IT network for important organisation operations, probably including communication and sales. This workshop explores the framework of security measures for protecting your organisations network and the data it holds. With many organisations extending their networks into the cloud, security considerations when selecting cloud providers and basic measures for protecting your organisations website are also explored.

Topics include

Know your Organisation

With limited resources you can’t do everything. This workshop provides a framework to identify the data, people, technology and processes that are important for your organisation. It explores the key legislation to protect sensitive data and the associated organisational policies required. With this clear focus you can then identify how to best use limited resources to protect your clients, your data and your organisation.

Topics include

Protect Your Devices

Isaac Asimov’s sentiment “I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” is even more relevant today with our increasing dependence on our devices – PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This workshop explores simple effective protection to safeguard the devices individuals use to access data. Keeping them in a healthy state keeps your data secure and the devices running efficiently.

Topics include

Governance & Policies

Security leadership starts from the top. This workshop explores frameworks suitable for SMEs to put in place, identifying the best way to manage security for the organisation. This includes ensuring security risks have been considered and putting in place policies defining necessary security measures.

Topics include

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