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Cyber crime is an increasing concern for all organisations, regardless of size. “SMEs have not historically been the target of cyber crime, but in 2015 something drastically changed.” Toni Allen, UK Head of Client Propositions at the British Standards Institute, told the Guardian newspaper. With a reported 60% of SMEs who suffer a significant cyber breach going out of business within 6 months, businesses need to protect themselves online.

Whitgift Security offers high quality IT security services targeted to SME’s who want to protect their business and enhance the overall security of their information systems. Services are delivered by industry-certified professionals, providing practical effective advice and solutions focusing on meaningful results. Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and tailored solutions.

Security Consultancy

Create the right digital shield for your business

Have an industry-certified professional work with you to provide practical, effective advice on how to create the right digital shield for your business.
Select the specific services which are right for your business and pocket.



Check your current protections

Check that your current protections meet appropriate standards for the data you are protecting


Supporting Certification

Demonstrate you care about protecting data

Demonstrate to your customers you care about protecting their data through certification and get free cyber insurance.
Whitgift Security can help you reach the required standards, apply and get these certifications in the most cost-effective way possible.


Data Protection Compliance

Update your organisation’s Data Protection regime

Personal Data is a key target for the cybercriminal. Around the world governments are strengthening legislation requiring organisations to protect citizens’ personal data.
Work with Whitgift Security to update your organisation’s Data Protection regime to you comply with the EU GDPR laws, or other regulations world-wide.
We tailor our offering for your need – whether you need a small amount of help or support through the process step-by-step.


Manage your Security Risk

Outsource management of your security risk to a qualified professional.

A Whitgift Security consultant can serve as your Information Security Officer (ISO) to advise on best practise, create policies, organise accreditations, plan for attack, update devices etc. An affordable service tailored to your company, fulfilling your security need


Would a conversation help you understand what might be needed to protect your business online?
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