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Check your current protections

Benchmarking is a way of understanding :-

  1. how your current policies and procedures measure up to industry standards – eg GDPR legislation or Cyber Essentials or IASME Governance
  2. where the holes in your ecosystem and shows which areas might need strengthening
  3. if you are compliant with privacy laws and other regulations
  4. if are you effectively managing your IT services
  5. and if the data supporting your most critical business processes are secure

Benchmarking can allow you to choose what sectors of your IT security are most important to you, and help you plan ahead for what improvements need to be prioritised for your company and your risk valuations. Eg As a result of benchmarking you might decide that the most important area of security you need to address is virus protection, or data subject requests or perhaps staff education.


How Cyber Guardian protects your websites and customers

One way of approaching benchmarking is to measure your business against industry certifications: Cyber Essentials or IASME Governance. (IASME Governance requires that you are GDPR ready)

Complete the self-assessment questionnaire provided by Whitgift Security and have answers reviewed us.
We will provide you with :-

  1. a report showing where you have reached the required standards and where there are gaps
  2. written recommendations on what needs to be rectified, and how it could be rectified.

After you have had an opportunity to review the report we will arrange a follow-up conversation to ensure you understand recommendations and help you develop a plan

Costs –
Cyber Essentials Benchmarking : from £250 + VAT
IASME Benchmarking: from £400+VAT


You could even choose different parts of different certifications depending on your risk valuation of your business. Call us to discuss a tailored benchmarking option.

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