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Manage your Security Risk

Outsource management of your security risk to a qualified professional

Using Whitgift Security Information Security Officer (ISO) Services your business can now afford your own
Whitgift Security is dedicated exclusively to cyber security and the practical management of cyber security risks.
Your defences need to evolve to match

  1. your evolving business needs,
  2. new and up-coming IT security regulations

and the everchanging threats and vulnerabilities.

Cyber security is a business risk, it is not just an IT team’s issue. We believe that the only way to build a foundation for cyber security is through an effective IT Security Management Program.

An ISO’s role is to be visibly accountable for security, outlining for business management the information-related risks that may impact the organisation, and proposing mitigation plans. Small businesses generally do not have an ISO as they don’t have the budget and don’t need someone full-time. Often a business will assign someone with the accountabilities even though the individual may not understand the risks or how they can be mitigated.

With Whitgift Security ISO Services you can rest assured that your company has someone who understands your business, and the cyber security risks it needs to manage.

We offer three Levels of service :-


A Whitgift Security ISO working with your organisation on average 1-2 days a month. Typical activities include :-

  1. Ensuring you have the best security you can afford
  2. Developing security improvement plan
  3. Reviewing implementation quarterly
  4. Completing bi-annual review of security risks
  5. Managing annual Cyber Essentials self-assessment certification

Managing externally provided vulnerability testing of website and onsite computers



A Whitgift Security ISO working with your organisation on average 2-3 days a month. Typical activities as Basic with :-

  1. Reviews conducted more frequently.

Additional activities include :-

  1. Delivering standard Security Awareness Training

Reviewing security policy and Continuity planning



A Whitgift Security ISO working with your organisation on average 4-5 days a month. Typical activities as Standard with :-

  1. Reviews conducted more frequently.
  2. Delivering more frequent and customised Security Awareness Training

Additional activities include :-

  1. Facilitating Continuity Plan exercises
  2. Managing IASME audited certification of one site.
  3. Developing security policies

Managing security incidents


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