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Create the right digital shield for your business

Reliance on internet technologies is increasing. So are the opportunities for cyber crime. Business information is a valuable asset. If it is compromised the results can be catastrophic.

Good security need not cost the earth. The security problem is about balancing investment to risk, and making sure that the right security solutions are put in the right place to give sustained and adequate protection.

Whitgift Security works with SMEs to create Robust Digital IT Shields to protect businesses online. We provide practical security advice for small companies that is both effective and cost efficient.


Understanding the holes in your shield

In a constantly changing environment you need to regularly check what holes there are in your shield, and its strength.
Assessments provide you with the actionable data you need to make informed, practical decisions about protecting your business.

  1. Security Education – providing insights for management on how to protect business online, to keep you up to date with issues you need to consider when defining your security protections. Link More information
  2. Healthcheck – we review your existing shield and provide the actionable report you need to make informed, practical decisions about improving the protection of your business
  3. Benchmarking – we review your existing shield against your chosen standard, and provide a report so that you understand the level of security measures in place and help prioritise improvement. Link More information


Creating the strength in your shield

Security tools are a building block of your protective shield, finding the right way to protect your business and resolve any security weaknesses.

  • Security Awareness Training – 75% of your cyber security risks have little to do with IT. Your people are your first line of defence, and IT security is not just the IT team’s issue.
    Change people’s behaviours to reduce the risk of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime. Link More information
  • Policy Development –Define your stance on security, develop effective policies matching your business needs.
  • Incident Response Planning – Ensure your business is prepared to respond to a security incident response.
  • Continuity Planning – Efficiently get back to business as usual following an incident.


    Make sure your shield is the right size and in the right place.

    Core to having the right shield in the right place for your business is the right balance of compliance, process, standards and metrics.

    1. Virtual ISO (Information Security Officer) – Outsource management of your security risk to a qualified professional. Link More information
    2. Risk management – Implement an effective Risk Management Program ensuring security investment decisions based on business impact.
    3. Compliance – Create a unified, practical Compliance Implementation Plan aligned with regulations and security objects within available budget and resources.

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